Hutchinson Technology

  • Stamping & Forming
  • Photochemical milling
  • Circuit layer etching
  • Plasma Etching
  • Plating
  • Surface finishing

  • High speed precision
  • Complete automation
  • Laser welding
  • Cutting / forming
  • Geometry measure & adjust
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Automated vision inspection

Contact Us:
Phone:  1 320 587-1900

Manufacturing Expertise
Hutchinson Technology has over 40 years of precision manufacturing expertise serving the medical, defense/aerospace, computer, and microelectronic industries. We offer a unique combination of manufacturing expertise and capabilities coupled with leading-edge design, test, measurement, and engineering  services. Underlying these capabilities are comprehensive quality, risk management, and planning and control systems that enable our customers to achieve faster time to market, improved product performance, and the lowest total cost.
Our robust manufacturing processes provide:
  • Precision tolerances
  • World Class Quality (ISO 9001, 13485)
  • Cost-effective prototypes through high volume
  • Flexibility for material and design changes
Value-added Technologies
  • Photochemical machining
  • Plating, laminating and coating
  • Precision stamping and thin metal forming
  • Polymer patterning and finishing
  • Laser welding
  • Component assembly
Supported with Leading-edge Capabilities
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Product Design including mechanical, electrical, and thermal modeling
  • Measurement, test, and material science labs
  • Product & process development labs
  • Automation, controls, and vision integration
  • World-wide supply chain management

HTI offers extensive material science, product characterization & test, dimensional metrology, product prototyping capability. High volume precision manufacturing expertise and advanced analytical capability provide a unique combination which enables us to solve the most challenging engineering problems.
HTI offers design and fabrication of precision tooling. Our world class tool room delivers tight tolerances and fast lead times, unavailable elsewhere.
HTI is a high volume manufacturer of precision components with broad capabilities including: photochemical machining (etching), metal stamping, forming, polymer patterning, plasma processing, electroplating and electroless plating, polymer coating, and surface finishing.
HTI developed automation enables high speed, precision, cost effective assembly of intricate devices