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Philosophy & Virtues: The bedrock of our culture

In business, just as in life, it is important to have a fundamental set of beliefs – a philosophy – that provides a foundation for the decisions we make and the actions we take. 

Our Philosophy
  • Reality is the foundation of our philosophy.  The world around us operates according to reality;
    therefore, we can’t evade or distort the facts to fit how we want things to be.  We must be
    grounded in reality.

  • We believe in the principles of free market exchange and recognize that the human mind is our
    most valuable attribute.  Free market capitalism demands the best of everyone. It allows us to
    choose the work we want and to go as far on the road of achievement as our ability and ambition
    will carry us.

  • Our purpose as a public corporation in a free market is to earn a return on our shareholders’
Our Virtues

In running our business, we follow certain basic principles of action – certain virtues, which serve as our guide to excellence in thought and action.
  • Rationality:  We use facts, not feelings, to make decisions.  The foundation for quality decision-making is seeking out and understanding the facts.

  • Independence: We challenge our employees to be independent thinkers and make their own judgments based on fact. While we work as a team, each of us thinks alone.

  • Productiveness: Individual productiveness is the process of turning thoughts into action and continuously improving.  It’s a way of life at HTI.

  • Honesty:  We are committed to honesty, which we define as simply being consistent with reality. To be honest, we must seek out the facts and discover the truth.

  • Integrity: We strive to demonstrate the highest level of integrity by acting consistent with our virtues.  We will not compromise them in any situation. 

  • Justice: We have a strong sense of justice and believe employees should be evaluated and rewarded based on their contributions.  Those who contribute the most should receive the most.

  • Pride: Through our culture of excellence, we expect the best from ourselves and each other.  We perform our work in a manner that enables us to be proud of what we have accomplished.